Alex Mizzen’s background has left a wonderful imprint on the artist we find today. As a trained gymnast and a graduate from the National Theatre Ballet, Alex worked as a contemporary dancer, honing both her physical and performance skill before turning her eye to circus. Now as an established circus artist with specialties in both hand balance and aerial chair Alex has worked with some of the leading Australian & international companies:

• Les 7Doigts de la Main
• Company 2
• Cantina
• Legs on the Wall
• La Soirée
• Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth
• Le Grand Cirque

Alex’s work is heavily influenced by this rich movement background and so ensues a particular style which has been recognized across a range of platforms since 2010. This was acknowledged in 2015 when Alex was awarded an Arts Queensland grant to further research her unique intersection of dance and circus.

In conjunction with 15 years teaching experience in dance, yoga and circus Alex is currently working with The Flying Fruit Fly Circus & CIRCA Zoo, facilitating emerging artists in this very same process of uncovering their own creative voice.